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The name Balunu comes from the Luritja language of Central Australia. 

Balunu means creation and this is what we are about: the creation of strong youth, strong culture, strong leaders, for a strong future by breaking negative cycles and creating positive ones.

Our youth can no longer wait! The time has come to nurture, to love and to offer spiritual healing to guide them on their journey toward harmony and balance.

The Balunu Foundation was created by David Cole, founder and Director and his wife Mim Cole to achieve their vision of helping indigenous youth at risk break the negative cycle that leads to indigenous disadvantage. 

David was on the honour roll in 2011 for Australian of the year, and was featured by much loved National Radio station JJJ, as one of seven indigenous legends working to close the gap

The Balunu Foundation Ltd is a non- profit, Australian Public Company limited by guarantee incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001. Balunu is a public benevolent institution and registered charity, exempt from income tax and registered as a deductible gift recipient.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Funds will be used to install an off-grid solar and storage system, providing clean electricity for our camp and reducing money we spend on diesel fuel and generator maintenance.

This will support the growth of the Balunu program, by diverting costs away from diesel fuel and into the healing program itself. 

With the funds saved on diesel fuel, an additional 10 kids every year will have the opportunity to participate in the Balunu program, helping reconnect them with Indigenous culture and prevent youth suicide across the Northern Territory. 

With the stand alone power system expected to perform reliably for over ten years, we anticipate more than 200 kids will benefit in that time, having a massive impact on young Indigenous Australian's for eyars to come. 

That is an additional young adult supported through this program, for every $200 donated!

The Challenges

We see three key challenges for this project.

1) The Balanu healing camps cease to operate

The Balanu Foundation has a long history and has enjoyed strong support since 2006 for its programs. We are confident that the foundation will continue to operate and be effective in providing cultural healing to Indigenous youth for years to come

2)The off grid system malfunctions

We are using Tier-1 solar panels and high quality battery systems that are expected to perform reliably beyond their warranty period. Our supplier and installer, is a Clean Energy Council accredited supplier.  If the products were to fail prematurely, we will be able to replace them with costs recovered from the supplier through warranties provided.

3) The panels and lighting upgrades do not provide $10,000 value per year

The energy assessment we have conducted provides a conservative estimate of the value of the off grid system. We have every confidence this assessment is thorough and accurate. 

While we understand our energy costs may change in the future, it is most likely the cost of diesel will increase.

We thank you sincerely for your support for this invaluable project, helping our Indigenous Kids stay strong for a generation to come

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AU$1 +From Little ThingsEvery donation to this project, big and small, will grow over time...from little things, big things grow. PLease feel free to adjust the donation amount to reflect what you can afford to give. You'll get a personal thank you from Balunu Founder David Cole, and get updates from the program every year in appreciation of your support
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AU$1500 +Camp Out With EldersJoin Balunu Founder Dave Cole for two nights on camp with Indigenous Elders. Hear stories around the fire, experience traditional hunting practices, and soak up the wisdom that comes from the world's most ancient culture (Does not include any travel costs)
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AU$5000 +An Adventure for a LifetimeWith Five of your friends, colleagues or family, Join Balunu Founder Dave Cole for two nights on camp with Indigenous Elders. Hear stories around the fire, experience traditional hunting practices, and soak up the wisdom that comes from the world's most ancient culture (does not include travel costs)
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